Bike Rack

We did not want to have the bikes lying on the roof of the boat, not only does it look messy it’s not good for either the boat or the bikes. Also there is every chance that a careless rope can haul them off into the canal. And as avid cyclists we needed somewhere to keep the bikes. After spending some considerable amount of time thinking about how to mount the bikes and having seen a couple of narrow boats with stern mounted racks we opted for a similar arrangement. Like buses (and thats another story) we never saw any more boats with stern mounted bikes so were left to our own devices and imaginations. We opted for the tow bar mounted rack, this would give us the flexibilty of mounting style either roll on wheel support or cross bar suspended. The carrier would also be removable when the situation dictated for example when going into the shorter locks of Yorkshire, or when there are a lot of locks close together and are very busy we could put the bikes inside.

Ok we might get a few comments from some of the PC boating fraternity but it is something that we can live with if we get to use the bikes. We also wanted somewhere to take a rotary washing line pole, now no laughing but our final solution is:-

Washing post and towbar for bike rack

Washing post and towbar for bike rack

It still requires painting to match the boat red and we will be doing this when we repaint the stern deck in a week or so. We certainly hope that it works, the biggest concern we have is how it works in locks, caution is advisable and I will let you knpw how it goes.

Well we have finally got the bike rack and bikes fitted.

Bikes on Bike Rack

Bikes on Bike Rack

8 Responses to Bike Rack

  1. sue hall says:

    Hi Both,
    To avoid upsetting the “You must do it right brigade” why don’t you have a small flag pole made the same dimension as the rotating washing line and then you could fly the flags of England and New Zealand when the unmentionables are not on display. OR a hook attached and have a hanging basket with trailing plants thus, bikes become foliage suppport.

  2. Karen says:

    What a bloody brilliant idea! I’m going to steal the idea from you if you don’t mind. Take it as a compliment :o)

  3. nblazydays says:

    Karen, yes we have made good use of the bike rack, it does have its place but we do find that we cannot always keep the bikes on the back and have them on the roof.

    It is nice to have them on the back when there is no room on the towpath and we can easily cover them in the rain.

  4. chris bradford says:

    I have been searching for same sotution for past two years. Did you build it or buy it. If you built it can you send me the dimensions. Or even put one together for me and I will pay your expenses. Time and postage. Is it welded to the boat or bolted. If you bought it can you let me know where I can get it. 07960056146. Cheers chris

  5. Sue Jacques says:

    We are struggling with the same dilemma. How to,protect bikes in locks. Do they fit within the fender button? Did you purchase or build the rack? Thanks!

    • nblazydays says:

      Hi Sue
      The bike rack was a standard bike rack for a car. The modification to the boat is a tow bar. The bikes did extend beyond the fender. We were ok with the bikes at the back for most locks but on some of the shorter locks the bikes were on the roof. There is no simple solution to this problem and it is a compromise.

  6. Rachel says:

    Hi, looks great! I need the same on my boat. How did you attach the bike rack to that metal and woyld you be able to advise which one you recommend? Any links or extra photos without the bikes on would be amazing. Thanks for the interesting blog! Rachel

    • nblazydays says:

      Hi Rachel, I used a tow bar bike rack. The metal mounting also doubles as a clothes pole mount.

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