Dry Dock

We had heard good things of the local pub in Semington, the Somerset Arms. As our first night in the dry dock was Friday we had planned a walk down to the pub for a meal. It really is a super place, and deservedly busy because the food was very good and the price was reasonable. We thoroughly enjoyed our meal and might go back on Monday for the quiz night.

We can’t imagine how we managed to do the blacking and the rest of painting ourselves in the past. We seem to have plenty of work on our hands with the normal paint touching up that we used to do after each day’s blacking was finished. Maybe we are getting soft! We have been very lucky that the weather continues mild. It was very windy last night but today was perfect painting weather: sunny with a drying wind. The three pigs on the property were gambolling around. One is going off to be slaughtered on Tuesday so I was pleased that it was having such a lovely day! Liz and Ian will eventually be selling home reared pork as well as their own free range eggs to boaters.

Because we don’t want to damage the new blacking while it sets we are not letting any water out of the boat which means that even the shower water has to be emptied into a bucket. Luckily we have become accustomed to being frugal with showers. I even managed to wash and condition my hair tonight without the water rising above the level of the shower base, though it did fill two buckets for emptying outside. Its quite quick to empty the water from the shower with a big car washing sponge. (Normally it would have to be pumped out so if the pump isn’t operated the water stays in the shower). On the other hand, because we are plugged into the electricity, we can watch television, or vacuum or I can even dry and straighten my hair without Alan muttering ominously about the batteries.

Statistics so far:-

3057.93 Miles, 2051 Locks, 197 Swing Bridges, 118 Lift Bridges, 58 Tunnels

8 Responses to Dry Dock

  1. Robert and Liz aka BLUE POINT says:

    Hi there you two painting the boat I find that hard to believe! Alan finally lost the plot? Or is his trying to paint out our odd touch in the locks. We are house sitting from this Thursday for my brother in Ascot as we are not far away we would like to see you or if you want a break and sleep in bedroom with en suit come to us or both. What ever let us know love a pint and bag of crisps with you both.

  2. nblazydays says:

    Believe it or not I have also polished the mushrooms and I am over half way through waxing the boat. We would love to see you, how long will you be in Ascot so that we can work something out.

  3. Robert and Liz aka BLUE POINT says:

    From this Thursday to next Friday. You are just down ther M4 an hour just over. Look forward to seeing you. I still can’t believe you are polishing!

  4. robert and Liz aka BLUE POINT says:

    It was really great seeing you both again brought back all those fond memories. Just been on google maps and been looking around your new village. House sits nicely in its location with good country side about, pub is a stones throw away, well within crawling distance! Might be able to see you in early Jan when we may be house sitting again.

  5. nortco says:

    I can’t believe the blog has stopped, and maybe forever…

    What am I going to do when I want a quick escapist daydream and some lovely pics to go with it..?


    • nblazydays says:

      Hi Chris, we are getting settled in the new house and it is a glorious area. A great place for you to visit next time you are over. Just think of it as a new dimension. What is the news on Sheila? Hope the op went well, have been thinking of her, sorry that the move has made the days disappear and we haven’t got back to you sooner.
      Love, Frances and Alan

  6. Carrie says:

    Gawd.. have just been catching up on past posts, only to find, belatedly, that you are selling the boat and moving into a house! It’s what you want so congratulations – but I’m glad we met afloat 🙂
    I wonder where in Somerset you’re moving to. I taught at Chew Valley school for 7 years – very pretty area, though I like the hillier gorges even more.
    Good luck!

  7. nblazydays says:

    Hi Carrie, we are over near Glastonbury, hills on one side with glorious walks from the house, and the Levels on the other side. You can always still get in touch with us through the blog if you are coming over this way. Re Semington, I understand that there was an elderly gentleman, I think called Harry, who owned the Dock for many years and was a bit of a legend. I believe that he may now be dead. Don’t think the new owners are related in any way. Hope all goes well, and remeber, we’ll always be pleased to see you.

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