Seend Cleeve

We have crawled a little further on our journey to Semington Dock. Our plan was to moor at the bottom of the Seend Locks but we stopped to pump out after the third of the five locks. It’s fatal for us to pause because it takes very little for us to agree to stop. The mooring is opposite The Barge which Pearson says is the most popular pub on the K & A. Normally we would be heading there about now but I have a cold and don’t want to mix beer and cold remedies, and really don’t feel like going out. Both the grandchildren have had bad colds this week so I think they shared the lurgy with Grandma before we left them last Friday.

It’s a lovely stretch of canal round here. The towpath is vastly superior to the mud baths the other side of the Caen Flight and there are equally pleasant views. It would be a great place to over winter. Today was bright and fairly mild; a lovely day to be moving along. There are two swing bridges which were very easy to operate. They connected good walks on either side of the canal and were obviously well used by walkers. Then as we approached the first of the Seend Locks we had the rousing sight of the local hunt crossing the bridge below the lock. There weren’t huge numbers, about four red jackets and two black with a great troop of hounds and a quad bike behind them to keep back traffic. In the past my appreciation would have been tempered by disapproval of hunting: now it’s possible to enjoy the spectacle guilt free. We collected the car and went over to Trowbridge. On our return towards the canal we followed the hunt back along the road. Apparently they are out three days a week.

Today we did 1.13 Miles, 3 Locks and 2 Swing Bridges

Statistics so far:-

3055.87 Miles, 2048 Locks, 194 Swing Bridges, 118 Lift Bridges, 58 Tunnels

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