Over the past couple of weeks we have been based at Honey Street. It was a good base as we could park the car, though we did become very weary of negotiating the thick mud on the towpath. The good news is that we have had an offer accepted for a house in Somerset and we hope that we will complete before Christmas. Since we moved out of our previous house in mid-August we have looked at over seventy houses and have become heartily sick of the whole house hunting business. Our main problem was finding a generous sized garden with a house we liked, not on a main road, and that has been a surprisingly elusive combination.

Now that things are moving ahead on the house front we have turned our minds towards deciding what to do with the boat. At one time we had thought that we might keep the boat for a year or so. Boat ownership is an expensive business, especially as we would have to put the boat back into a marina, and to justify that expense we would have to use the boat for a good part of the year.

We are very much looking forward to getting involved in local activities at our new home; photography clubs, U3A, some voluntary work, music groups etc, etc, etc…. If we were to use the boat for less than five or six weeks of the year we would be better off to hire, though realistically we probably wouldn’t! Consequently we have decided to put Lazy Days up for sale when we move into our house.

The boat does need blacking so we have booked to have the work done at Semington Wharf, coming out of the water on Thursday. This meant that we had to start off towards Semington today, travelling as far as Devizes Wharf in readiness to descend the Caen Flight tomorrow. As we were casting off we were hailed by a woman on the boat moored behind us. Returning from The Barge last night her muddy boots had slipped as she walked the plank to get back aboard and she had fallen into the water. She had swallowed some water and found it very hard to get out. Her phone had flown out of her hand and she was trying to find it. She was very lucky to escape unscathed but the lost phone with all her work contacts was a great problem. We lent her our magnet as she asked but Alan didn’t think that it would pick up a phone and that a net would be better. After several passes with the magnet she had acquired a mooring pin but decided that it would be better to borrow a net from a barge down by the pub. We left her and a companion fishing in hope.

Alan left to cruise down to Devizes and I went off in the car, stopping for some shopping before parking near the wharf and walking down the towpath to meet him. I had walked as far as the Bridge Inn, including stopping for a long chat with a boater, before he came along. It had taken him a lot longer than he anticipated and he had found the second swing bridge very difficult to open. We finally moored at Devizes at 2.30, near Carole, a boater that we had got to know quite well at Honey Street. She had kindly breasted up with us to take us back to the water point last week, so much easier than reversing on a windy day.

Today we did 7.73 Miles and 2 Swing Bridges

Statistics so far:-

3051.23 Miles, 2016 Locks, 192 Swing Bridges, 118 Lift Bridges, 58 Tunnels


3 Responses to Devizes

  1. Halfie says:

    Alan and Frances, congratulations on finding a house, and I hope things go to plan for you. I’m sorry to read that you might be giving up the boat. Have you blogged anywhere about the boat itself – age, length, layout etc.?

  2. Halfie says:

    I’ve just clicked on “About Us” and found it all there!

  3. nblazydays says:

    Thanks Halfie

    Yes we will really miss the boat but we are looking forward to getting back to the activities that we have missed whilst travelling around on the boat. Oh and we are really looking forward to getting to know our new home and location.

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