Warm and Cosy

I woke this morning with neck and back ache: too much sitting in the cold I suspect. Thank goodness it was the day we could fill up with diesel. We had to wait until the afternoon so walked into Pewsey for bread and treats. Marshalls Bakery is a very tempting place indeed. We bought a lovely cottage loaf and scones for today and an extra special lardy cake. That’s something I haven’t tried before but it seems to feature in the bakeries around here. I suspect from the little smidgeon that I tried that we will look like balls of lard if we eat too many of them so this had better be a one-off treat.

We had received a text message from the chap on Tipton and Scavenger, the diesel boats, that he would be back on board early afternoon so we set off back from Pewsey Wharf to Milkhouse Water at 2.00. It was with a great feeling of relief that we tied up and started taking on diesel but it was somewhat short lived as he had less diesel remaining than he estimated and well short of our requirements. 125 litres went in but we needed over 200. Much to our surprise though, after we had turned and moored, we managed to get the fire going without having to suck the fuel through. All went well for an hour or so (Alan was starting to say he felt too hot) and then I noticed it was nearly out. I climbed on the roof to get the extra long chimney out of the top box and Alan turned it up and breathed incantations and it seems OK for the time being. The diesel boat will be going on to Great Bedwyn, filling up somewhere on the way and then turning back to here. We may be able to last until he comes back or we may move along to Devizes earlier than we had planned. But for now at least we are warm!

Today we did 1.59 Miles

Statistics so far:-

3037.27 Miles, 2016 Locks, 190 Swing Bridges, 118 Lift Bridges, 58 Tunnels


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