I had planned to catch a bus back from Wootton Rivers to Great Bedwyn to collect the car. After breakfast I walked up to the village and along to a bus service notice outside the pub. There didn’t appear to be a regular service but there was a number to call, so I did. Turns out that the service from Wootton Rivers to Great Bedwyn in our no doubt out of date Pearson no longer exists. We decided therefore to go on to Pewsey and make our way back from there.

There were many less boats at Pewsey than the last time we were there. It seems that many boats have crossed to the other side (of the Crofton Locks) before the closures. We had passed the diesel boats on the way and will return to take on much needed diesel tomorrow. Our first task was to pump out and I was relieved to find that both the card and the machine worked.

When we walked up to the station to get a train to Hungerford and then back to Great Bedwyn we found we would have to wait for over an hour so we went on into Pewsey and caught the bus to Marlborough. Unlike Alan I don’t yet have a bus pass and it cost £4 for the comparatively short journey. We had 30 minutes to wander up and down Marlborough’s High Street before catching the next bus onto Great Bedwyn. Despite its small population Marlborough boasts an amazing choice of very up market shops. I could spend a lot of money there (if I had it!)

Great Bedwyn moorings were very full, I guess with the people who have moved on from this side. It was a shame that we couldn’t stay over there longer. The car park by the canal is very convenient and we are finding it quite a nuisance having a car with us when we want to move on. There is only a pay and display car park at Pewsey Wharf and we have had to park on a small road over a mile’s walk away. Luckily Alan can walk again! By the time we got back to the boat The Waterfront pub was open and we decided to pop in and try the place out for the first time. The bar is upstairs above the bistro which was a surprise. The landlord was on his own watching a black and white war movie when we arrived, (it was only 5.30) but others came along while we were there and it was a great place for chat and an excellent keg beer from a Salisbury Plain brewery. It even got me off lager for once. We thoroughly enjoyed the hour or so we spent there: there is a quiz night on Sunday which sounds fun and I might have to go along to represent New Zealand at the World Cup Final breakfast in the morning. The landlord is a fanatical rugby fan it seems!

Today we did 4.3 Miles and 2 Locks

Statistics so far:-

3035.68 Miles, 2016 Locks, 190 Swing Bridges, 118 Lift Bridges, 58 Tunnels


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