We had spent longer than intended at Great Bedwyn to allow Alan’s foot to recover. He had even had to be driven over the canal and railway bridges to the Cross Keys pub! It’s such a wonderful hub of the community. On Thursday there was a great group of villagers there having a drink before they went off to the back room to rehearse for an upcoming production of Allo Allo. The landlord seemed to be playing Rene.

We had intended to pump out before leaving Bedwyn but when we got to the pump out station we found a note on top from BW saying not to use it as it wasn’t accepting the cards. (A few locks up we met another couple who had used two days ago without problem so that was really annoying.) We should be able to make it to Pewsey, fingers (or should that be legs) crossed.

It wasn’t a long day and we went only as far as Crofton. Alan steered through the four locks and had been instructed not to move any more than was strictly necessary so as not to undo the recovery. Two boats passed us and there was no one else going west. It’s getting to the end of the season. When we were last up at Crofton for the steam fayre boats were breasting up all along the moorings, now there are only two other boats here and they seem to be deserted. There was a brisk wind blowing and since we’ve been moored up it’s as if we are at sea with waves slapping against the hull! I walked back to collect the car so I have had a good quota of exercise again. It’s going to be a bit more difficult moving the car on from now on as we will hopefully cover more miles and be further from transport services. For some mad reason we left the folding bike along with our two mountain bikes in the storage with all the house contents.

Today we did 1.82 Miles and 4 Locks

Statistics so far:-

3027.08 Miles, 2006 Locks, 190 Swing Bridges, 118 Lift Bridges, 57 Tunnels


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