Country Cab

When we had got ourselves settled in Great Bedwyn we needed to collect the car from Kintbury. There are no ticket machines at either Great Bedwyn or Kintbury. When we went back to Heyford to get the car a week ago we had to pay at the platform ticket office when we changed trains. This time we boarded the train at Great Bedwyn, went on through Hungerford and got off at Kintbury with no means of paying any fare: there was no conductor. No doubt the occasional short fare that they miss out on would be less than the cost of paying a conductor. I’m not sure what happens when we have to get the train to London for the day.

In the evening we went up to the Cross Keys, a pub we particularly like. (Haven’t tried the Three Tuns yet but will doubtless do so). We were there just as it opened at 6.00 and it was quiet. In fact we were the only ones there for some time. By the time we left at 7.00 it was getting very lively, the numbers greatly swelled by a group of twelve or more who arrived in a cart being pulled along behind a tractor. We are sure there is an interesting story there.

Statistics so far:-

3025.26 Miles, 2002 Locks, 190 Swing Bridges, 118 Lift Bridges, 57 Tunnels


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