We have been spending a lot of our time driving round looking at houses. So far we have a short list of three or four places, none of which meets all our desires, but some more than others. It has made a great difference to the travelling times being based on the K & A. We also bought a sat nav for the car we are using (during our travels we had sold another car with a built in sat nav) and it has been taking us on beautiful and interesting routes out of Kintbury towards the Somerset / Dorset borders. Every day we started by travelling across Hungerford Common and one day we spent some time waiting for the herd of cattle that were wandering along the road. On Wednesday we arrived back in Kintbury after a long day of viewings, resolved to eat at the Dundas Arms, where we had enjoyed meals three years ago. We went along to find a very busy pub and realised that we would be well down the list when waiting for meals. There also wasn’t anything on the board that really took my fancy. After one pint we decided to wander further to the Blue Bell which had been recommended by Paul, who we travelled with the other day. It was a very pleasant pub with a nicely done up restaurant upstairs. They had a special pizza night, two pizzas and a bottle of wine for £20. The pizzas were made in a wood burning oven outside by (I think) the landlord and they were the best pizzas (excluding Alan’s!) that I have eaten outside Italy. It was a Wednesday night, so do go along if you are in Kintbury.

Thursday’s journey to Hungerford was relatively short and we were lucky to team up with a boat load of recent graduates that were more hands on than others we have encountered recently. They were out for a couple of days on a boat that belonged to the parents of one of the girls, and had moored behind us the previous night. They jumped on and off the boat to take their full share of the work load and chatted while we waited for the locks to fill. Four of them were engaged in the dispiriting process of job hunting.

We left them at the water point at Hungerford. I went along to the High Street leaving Alan in charge of filling the water tank. We had first bought Stinking Bishop and some other delicious cheeses from a deli near Hungerford Bridge last time we were there. I was looking forward to more of the same but found that it had disappeared to be replaced by a kebab house, so it was back to Tesco for more of the usual choice. The Rose of Hungerford trip boat, manned by volunteers, was moored behind us, and around 2.00 several wheelchair ensconced elderly folk were embarked and off they went for a trip back towards Kintbury.

We have virtually no phone or internet coverage in Hungerford so, although it is an attractive town, it’s a one night stop for us.

Today we did 3.19 Miles, 3 Locks

Statistics so far:-

3019.63 Miles, 1992 Locks, 188 Swing Bridges, 118 Lift Bridges, 57 Tunnels


One Response to Hungerford

  1. Valerie says:

    Hi Frances – that might explain why I didn’t get through on mobile on Friday… thinking of you after visiting Exley this week for a catch up with Sonya – also Louise and Corinne out of the office. They seem to be managing just fine with out me! Another staff drain, but what’s new there…
    If it was a special day around now, then all my best. Like my sister you may not have much to celebrate for a couple of years time though???
    I’m busy with autumn clearing of garden, shed, wardrobe in between some nice walks, visits to London, bridge and more bridge… Iain and I both enjoyed “Tinker Taylor” today. Iain’s survived a corneal abrasion along with cataract removal and has the 2nd eye done next month. Maybe then I’ll be able to hang up my chaufferu’s hat.
    Off to Edinburgh again early October to get some decorating done – no not by me! – and make some visits.
    Saw Pauline in New Forest and she was grand – she reminded me it was 10 years since we visited her.
    Hope you find a new home quick. All the best, Valerie x

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