A long time no blog

August 25, 2011

It seems a very long time since our last blog. In that time we have completed the sale of our house and cleared out or packed up for storage twenty-seven years of accumulated possessions or junk. Alan parted with huge piles of paperwork though I did think I would have to stop him jumping into the waste skip to retrieve them. We had expected to move out a week or so into September but the people further down the chain were very anxious to get into their respective new homes and it was pulled forward to 19 August, putting huge pressure on us. However contracts weren’t exchanged until the previous Friday at the very last moment as we were at Cropredy Festival. We had spent the two weeks before the festival clearing as much as we could and as soon as the festival finished we headed home to move everything into storage. The whole process was complicated because our daughter and her family, who had been living in our house, were let down on the house they were to move to and they were also there until the last minute. Our little granddaughter, usually the happiest of babies, learned to crawl just at the most inopportune time and spent the night before the move screaming with teething. Our grandson, nearly three, did his best to help but was also very unsettled at moving out of his home.

We plan to base ourselves on the Oxford over the next few weeks while we find our next house. It’s a good central position. We have spent a couple of days driving round Somerset so far. It’s quite difficult to decide where to buy when its not determined by where your job is!

Despite all this we did manage to enjoy the Fairport Convention festival. We moored north of the village with a good view across the fields surrounded by friendly people who kept an eye on the boat while we were away packing up for most of the time before the festival. We went back every few nights to run the engine. It was surprising to see how many people who had been waiting there all that time that didn’t actually go into the festival. As always the greatest highlights for us were the groups we would never hear of otherwise. Hayseed Dixie were sensational, so funny but extraordinarily gifted musicians; we loved The Travelling Band and The Coral. The headline band on the first night were UB40. We tired of them after a few songs and it was unbearably loud so we left, just as we did with Seasick Steve the following night. He seemed very repetitive after a while. We would have liked to stay until the end on the Saturday when Fairport Convention finished the festival but in the end tired of the large group of several families in front of us who were buzzing round like bees, as did most of the people sitting near us. As always it was a great festival, and it’s so comfortable to be a boating festival goer!

Statistics so far:-

2921.39 Miles, 1930 Locks, 177 Swing Bridges, 98 Lift Bridges, 57 Tunnels