July 20, 2011

Mr Pearson says that it should take six hours from Stourton Junction to Stourport. Well, today it took us six hours from Cookley to Stourport. There were queues at several of the locks so there was a bit of waiting around. At Kidderminster Lock we met a couple on another Stowe Hill boat, built the year before ours; with a similar Josher style Reeves hull.

The canal is very pretty along this stretch, especially when it passes the red rock faces, and there are flowers everywhere. Even Kidderminster, which was somewhere we went through very speedily two years ago, was spick and span. We moored outside Sainsburys for lunch and a spot of shopping, and Alan had a very successful trip to Maplins, which is his equivalent of a T K Maxx fix for me.

We arrived in Stourport around 4.00 and managed to find a mooring in the basin, though we would quite happily have gone down to the river. We had a wander round the town and went for a drink. Just as we felt last time, this is a somewhat strange town to visit. In principle it should be a lovely place to spend time, in actuality it isn’t.

Cookley Tunnel

Steam train on Severn Valley Railway Viaduct

Today we did 8.27 Miles and 7 Locks

Statistics so far:-

2832.40 Miles, 1783 Locks, 177 Swing Bridges, 97 Lift Bridges, 51 Tunnels