We have had another few days at home and caught the 11.00 London Midland train back to Stafford. We were moored at Wheaton Aston and had thought that our best route would be a bus to Wolverhampton but it may be that the little green buses have ceased operation. In any event there was no available bus to Wolverhampton listed at the bus stop and we changed to the bus via Penkridge to Stafford. It’s a lovely route along the country lanes and through pretty little hamlets. Penkridge itself looks well worth exploring. The bus route runs alongside the canal for a time and there were lots of boats moving. We haven’t travelled along the Staffs & Worcs between Autherley Junction and Great Heywood as yet. We are on the point of deciding our route to Cropredy for the Fairpoint Convention festival and may decide to turn left at the Junction.

During the five days we were away the price of red diesel at Turners Garage had increased by 3p per litre as he had received a new and higher priced delivery. We filled up before moving on the short distance to Brewood. We had deliberated about whether or not to go on today but were very glad we had as we discovered Piston Broke moored just before The Boat (and discovered Lynne and Paul in The Boat itself!) We knew they were heading this way but had feared that we would miss them. In civilised fashion they never travel at the weekend and in fact it sounds as if this promises to be a weekend when it will be advisable to be tucked into the bank and sheltering from the rain and wind. Alan has a radio amateur competition on Sunday and we like Brewood and are happy to stay here for a couple of days. And even more importantly it’s great to see them and we are looking forward to a guided tour of the stretched Piston Broke tomorrow.

Today we did 2.94 Miles and 1 Lock

Statistics so far:-

2801.79 Miles, 1753 Locks, 177 Swing Bridges, 97 Lift Bridges, 51 Tunnels


4 Responses to Brewood

  1. Halfie says:

    We passed near you today: driving from Derbyshire to Ironbridge via Stafford, Penkridge and Gailey, passing under Telford’s aqueduct near Brewood. We’re here for a bit to explore the area.

  2. nblazydays says:

    We will be in Brewood until Monday so if you are passing by again drop in, we are about 300 metres North of bridge 14. You have certainly picked a good weekend weatherwise to explore.


  3. Halfie says:

    Alan and Frances, sorry we didn’t get to visit you. We spent the day at Blists Hill Museum in Ironbridge Gorge; after which it was raining. The car’s windscreen wipers have decided not to work, making it a bit difficult. I hope it’s dry when we need to return home!

  4. nblazydays says:


    No Problem, we are now on our way to Cropredy via Worcester.


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