Alan and Chris went off to the Nantwich chandlery this morning and Sheila went into the shops, so it was about 11.30 when we set sail to Audlem. On the whole it was a sunny day, though there was a brisk wind that caught the boats as we went through bridges. It didn’t seem long until we were at the Hack Green Locks which we went through briskly and then moored at the top for lunch. All very civilised!

When we last came this way it was the depths of winter and the Hack Green nuclear bunker was closed on weekdays. Today it was open and we wandered along there after lunch. Chris and Sheila had gone on ahead and it was amusing as we went around to see them on the CCTV or at the other end of long corridors. Alan and Chris both found it fascinating, Alan because of all the radio and radar equipment, some the same models that he has owned and some that he has worked on.

It was only a short journey on to Audlem. Chris and Sheila will turn back towards Nantwich tomorrow so they needed to stay this side of the locks. We stopped on the River Weaver aqueduct with the beautiful view of the Weaver valley in front of us. The pond at the bottom was a rich blue in the sun. Alan disappeared off to NB Wyre to play Irish jigs on the recorder with Sheila on the fiddle and Chris on the concertina, and then we went for walk around the village. There are flags everywhere at present. We finished off with a pub meal at the Shroppie Fly.

My first receiver R1155 and transmitter T1154 (with bright yellow, red and blue knobs) both from Lancaster bombers.

The canals are used for all sorts of things.

Today we did 5.28 Miles, 2 Locks

Statistics so far:-

2773.43 Miles, 1727 Locks, 177 Swing Bridges, 97 Lift Bridges, 50 Tunnels


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