Hurleston Junction

Today was much pleasanter with sunshine but a fresh feel. Maybe it would be good to have a less fresh feel as the wind is pretty lively, but I do prefer it to the humidity.

We headed off towards Wrenbury around 9.30. The trickiest bit is going past the Dusty Miller pub and through the electric lift bridge. There are boats moored on either side, always a cross wind and it’s a difficult angle to get under the bridge. That hurdle past we moored ready to walk into the village. Alan spotted a boater called Bruce who he had chatted with on our way up after noticing a concertina painted on the side of his boat. He is a concertina player and Chris (from Australia), who we are travelling with at present, is a concertina maker, one of only eight world-wide, with on average a four year waiting list. Chris had a go at some repairs that Bruce needed on a harmonica but obviously wasn’t carrying the necessary tools with him on a boating holiday.

Wrenbury has an annual scarecrow trail and this is the big week. It says on the website that there are usually around 100 scarecrows. We didn’t follow the trail and so saw only a handful that were on the green and the route back to the canal but the ten or so we did see were quite fantastic. All were larger than life. There was a female troll influenced by Scandinavian legend, a stylishly dressed full size and upright on hind legs Dalmatian dog figure at a large gas bbq with a small dog on the hot plate (haha) and a male figure wearing a smart suit and bow tie with two taps for feet and a shower attachment as a cane (tap dancer!). The ingenuity and work that must go into this was amazing. Wrenbury has always seemed a very attractive village to us and it’s obviously got a strong community feeling. Also a very good village shop/ post office from which I bought some delicious granary baguettes for lunch.

After lunch we went on towards Hurleston Locks with no particular decision about whether or not to go down. We knew that we would leave the journey into Nantwich until the morning because we would find it difficult to get a mooring late in the day. The three Baddiley and two Swanley locks were dealt with in quick time, crossing with ascending boats at each, but no queues. We had feared that the Llangollen at this time of year would be a nightmare with heavy traffic but it’s been fine, less boats than in April last year and a good water level. In the end we have moored just before Hurleston Locks as we had all had enough for today. The visitors from Australia want to enjoy the experience without feeling that they have to rush on and we of course have all the time in the world.

Cooking a hot dog

A Troll

Today we did 7.12 Miles, 6 Locks and 3 Lift Bridges

Statistics so far:-

2765.27 Miles, 1721 Locks, 177 Swing Bridges, 97 Lift Bridges, 50 Tunnels


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