It’s funny how our perception of time changes: it seems an age since we met Liz and Robert on the Wigan flight, perhaps because we were visiting new places and travelling with other people for once. However it seems only yesterday that we were last here in Nantwich, whilst in fact it is at least 15 months ago.

I am glad that we were out in the lovely sunshine most of yesterday. It seemed a distant memory today! We were back to wind and showers. We had made an early start, well at 9.00 which was early for us and meant that we were second in line at the two locks. The Middlewich Arm of the Shroppie looks very green and attractive at present after all the rain and there are some wonderful views over the Weaver Valley.

The boat that we followed into the locks was one that we were also following yesterday; a couple with their daughter and baby grandson, only 18 weeks old. The daughter had been out working all the locks, sometimes with her mother depending on who was with the baby, and the father also helped as well as steering. They were pleasant company. At the second lock of the day they were all in the boat during the waiting time while another boat descended. Maybe grabbing a bite to eat, feeding baby etc and they had probably been up since the early hours. We are grandparents, we know how one little baby requires a team effort. Alan wandered up to the lock and found the woman on the descending boat with a lemon face and even sourer tongue. She thought that the crew from the waiting boat should be up helping her and obviously didn’t listen when Alan said that they normally did. Alan told her to jump on her boat and as she passed me holding the boat she shrieked that I should have steamed straight in, they didn’t deserve to come into the lock as they were so lazy. I didn’t know there was a rule that you have to help other boaters through locks, I thought that was good will and sometimes if you can’t, well they would have to do it all themselves anyway if no one else was waiting.

On we went through Barbridge Junction and back to Nantwich to find it busy as usual. The moorings are always full but many people stop to lunch and shop and then go on. We had a quick walk into town: we know Nantwich well after winter mooring here.

This evening we went for a final drink and meal with Liz and Robert on Blue Point (or at least a final drink for this trip). Tomorrow our ways part and we will find it strange travelling on our own after all this time together. It has been a real pleasure to be with them ever since the Wigan Flight, along the Leeds and Liverpool, on to the Rochdale, in Manchester and down the Bridgewater. Happy days!

Today we did 10.75 Miles 2 Lock

Statistics so far:-

2737.18 Miles, 1693 Locks, 177 Swing Bridges, 91 Lift Bridges, 50 Tunnels


One Response to Nantwich

  1. Robert and Liz aka BLUE POINT says:

    Missing you already, it has been a pleasure being with you for the last seven weeks! We will keep in touch and no doubt see you again. It will seem strange for a little while as we only have to look for a mooring for one boat and I won’t have my real ale buddy in the pub.

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