Stockton Heath

Summer still proves elusive and this was another day or heavy showers with occasional sunshine, and it’s definitely not warm. We started off from Dunham Massey in windy sunshine but torrential rain started as we approached Lymm and the showers have persisted ever since. We decided that we would head for Stockton Heath and hope for better weather and more mileage tomorrow.

The Bridgewater has some pretty sections but there are also long lines of moored boats, particularly where there are boat clubs, and we usually take turns to steer. Because we can move faster on this deep water canal we don’t get the exercise of walking or lock operating as on other canals. After our hard work on the Leeds and Liverpool and Rochdale a few sedentary days won’t do any harm and we will be back to normal when we reach the locks at Middlewich and the start of the Shroppie.

Stockton Heath is a favourite stopover for us but we aren’t as keen on the moorings as we are on the village. This time we decided to go on past Thorn Marine and moor on front of the houses. There is a very attractive terrace facing the canal. One major problem with the moorings near the Waste Disposal Depot (apart from the depot itself) is that boats pass very quickly and we banged against the side and sometimes came adrift. The passing boats aren’t noticeably slower here but we do seem to be less affected. There is however a lot of dog mess on the towpath grass and we have to watch where we step.

I had a walk into the shops this afternoon and Alan changed our engine oil, a job we wanted to do before passing the dump at Middlewich which takes waste oil.

Today we did 8.32 Miles

Statistics so far:-

2701.23 Miles, 1684 Locks, 177 Swing Bridges, 90 Lift Bridges, 47 Tunnels


One Response to Stockton Heath

  1. Sorry I missed your comment way back on the Rochdale. Glad you survived the Leeds and Liverpool and the Rochdale. We enjoyed both, but both were hard work on your own.

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