Dunham Massey

Alan went home for a night on Wednesday and I took advantage of his absence by having a good tidy up. This makes him very nervous as I am of the chucking out school of thought and he is an accumulating type. He said that he had made an inventory of all his possessions before he left!

It’s was very enjoyable being back at Castlefield. The surroundings are so attractive and Manchester in general was infinitely more appealing than when we were there last year. There were several people we knew moored in the basin and other people we enjoyed meeting for the first time. It was with reluctance that we left this morning, especially for Alan as he discovered at the last minute that the chap on NB Pearl, moored behind us, plays the Northumbrian pipes. We had an impromptu concert on the back of the boat and if we had stayed Alan would have had his recorders out for a music session.

Last night we went, with Robert and Liz, to the Yang Sing in Princess Street. (We ate there last year as well). It’s such a wonderful restaurant and the food was superb as ever. It’s remarkable that the quality remains so high year after year. We enjoyed a walk back through the night time city looking at the buildings.

We hadn’t planned a long journey today because the forecast was for rain, which hasn’t arrived as yet though the skies have been gloomy most of the day. We pulled round to the waterpoint opposite the YMCA and discovered NB Narrow Escape (of the narrow escape from toppling over at the Rochdale Summit fame) moored nearby because Castlefield Basin was so crowded. Then we cruised quickly down to Dunham Massey taking turns to steer and eat lunch on the way. The Bridgewater through Sale is pretty utilitarian. We did make a quick halt when Robert spotted a Halfords next to the canal and he and Alan dived in to buy oil for overdue engine services.

However lovely it was in Manchester it’s good to get back to the countryside: the mooring overlooking Dunham Massey mansion and park is justifiably popular and we are in the midst of a row of boats.

Today we did 10.35 Miles

Statistics so far:-

2692.91 Miles, 1684 Locks, 177 Swing Bridges, 90 Lift Bridges, 47 Tunnels


One Response to Dunham Massey

  1. Alf says:

    For future reference, on the other side of the road crossing the canal from Halfrauds is a large B&Q.


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