Skipton Castle

Our last day in Skipton and at last the rain has stopped. In fact the sun is shining though there is still a strong wind. It was a good day to visit the castle. As we walked through the town the market was in full flow and there were lots of people around.

We last visited Skipton Castle nearly 25 years ago and we have a lovely picture of the children, when little, in the Conduit Court, so it was good to see that it was just as I remembered it. Of course one thing that had changed since then was that my knees are 25 years older and sudden pains struck just when going up and down steep stairs of which there are many in the castle. There was a big group of primary age children who were all dressed up in fancy dress that looked vaguely medieval or royal apart from one little boy who was proudly wearing an superhero costume. (I suspect it was Iron Man but don’t profess to be an expert). I suppose those wonderful archers of the past might think that appropriate.

For anyone who hasn’t visited Skipton castle of late its 900 years old with large parts dating from Norman times and with virtually no changes made in the last 300 years. There are wonderful views over Skipton and the surrounding hills from the castle windows. As castles go it’s pretty hard to beat.

As kindly recommended by Ali on NB Tormentil we went to Stanforth’s Celebrated Pork Pie Establishment and were like kiddies in a sweet shop, coming away with a splendid stand pie (a fairly large and beautifully decorated pork pie which is truly delicious), a pot of potted meat, two custard tarts and two magnificent and chunky pork steaks all for the great sum of £8.33. Then it was on to the Pottery Café (where the food is served on tableware made in the pottery upstairs) for the most delicious quiche and salad I have ever eaten. The quiches were made on the premises and the filling was just melt in the mouth creamy loveliness. No wonder it was full. One of the staff, eying my Stanforth’s bag, said that a bag of their pork pies had been left behind by a probably very annoyed customer last week, and that he had waited for a day and then taken them home to enjoy. I put our bag on the table and made sure I had it with me when we left!

As the sun was now out we finished off with a walk initially along the short Springs Branch of the canal and then into Skipton Woods with its many streams and ponds, and acres of wild garlic, in flower and very pungent.

There is a quiz night at the Narrowboat Pub this evening so that will be a great way to spend our last night in Skipton.

A view from the swing bridge

Skipton Castle


Watch Tower walls

A large Stand Pie

Statistics so far:-

2581.60 Miles, 1522 Locks, 142 Swing Bridges, 90 Lift Bridges, 45 Tunnels


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