The Maypole Inn

We had a lovely evening yesterday at the Maypole Inn in Long Preston, near Settle. It’s a pub that has been a great favourite of Liz and Robert’s for over twenty years. There is always the danger that somewhere that is so highly recommended will disappoint, but the Maypole certainly lived up to all expectations. It was decorated comfortably and warmly in a timeless style, and had two bars and a large dining room. No loud music or games machine, and no TV on. Doesn’t it make a difference! Our meal was excellent, beautifully cooked pub food; much better than your average pub grub but still recognisable as being pub food, not a pub with restaurant pretensions. I had a smoked trout salad as a starter and then a pork and butter bean casserole. The meat was beautifully tender and the gravy rich and satisfying. It was Robert’s birthday and he was presented with a large fudge cake and icecream desert which we shared and it was very scrumptious, better than your average fudge pudding. Then it was off to the lounge for coffee and whisky. The pub was obviously very popular and deservedly busy which was good to see. We took their card and would certainly make it the place to stay in this area in the future.

Today, after all the walking and over indulging (by some people) has been quiet and it’s rather cold and showery, with a biting wind. Alan has been on his radio and I did some shopping at the friendly local Co-op and had an enjoyable time choosing a wedding present at the gift shop. We have kept our ropes quite loose because as the pound keeps dropping we end up on a ledge and have to be pushed off as we develop a pronounced lean. A cruiser moored behind us, so close our fenders were touching which was strange as there was plenty of room behind and in front of us as well. The chap knocked to complain that we were banging him when boats went past so I very unsympathetically suggested he might move.

Gargrave main street

River Aire at Gargrave

St Andrews

Statistics so far:-

2576.84 Miles, 1519 Locks, 137 Swing Bridges, 90 Lift Bridges, 45 Tunnels


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