Bus trip to Settle

Today we woke with a list to port. When Alan pushed the stern away from the bank there was a noticeable drop off the edge of a shelf. The problem is that the Gargrave visitor moorings are in a fairly short pound and there have been a lot of boats passing. During the day all the boats moored here have been on an angle. We have pulled forward and have very slack ropes and seem to be level at the moment.

It’s a 25 minute bus ride to Settle, with the buses once hourly. It was a grey day with intermittent drizzle so it seemed a good opportunity to make a trip over. It’s actually one of the most scenic bus rides ever with far reaching views over the dales. We wandered round the town, walking down to a bridge over the Ribble (so we have done the Ribble crossing haha!) We also climbed steeply above the town and could have walked the 5 miles to Malham on footpaths. Lunch was excellent fish and chips at the Fish Restaurant and Alan finally had his hair cut. Or more accurately Alan lost the battle to avoid having his hair cut.

Settle is an attractive stone built town with the hills soaring above the buildings. Like all towns it seems that businesses are finding it tough and that some have closed. The shops that we went into were very quiet. We had the impression, while walking round, that many of the houses in the town centres were holiday lets. Nevertheless Alan was impressed by the number of concerts and community activities advertised on notice boards.

A view down the backstreets of Settle

The river Ribble

Settle backstreet


Statistics so far:-

2576.84 Miles, 1519 Locks, 137 Swing Bridges, 90 Lift Bridges, 45 Tunnels


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