A walk around East Marton

The dilemma this morning was whether to go on to Gargrave or to go off for a walk. The day was a little ominous looking so it could be tempting not to do anything but that would be a bit boring. There are nine locks between us and Gargrave so an early start would be advisable. That decided us, tomorrow we go on to Gargrave and off we set on a five mile circular walk.

We started off by going through the churchyard of St Peters Church, which was very squat and timeless looking (a Norman spire but otherwise Victorian it seems). Then the walk took us along a long stony lane, ruinous to a car’s suspension I would think, to a beautiful old stone house, Ingthorpe Grange. There the lane became tarmacked so I would guess that they drive in from the other end. At that point we set off across the fields towards Newton Hall and Bank Newton. There were several rolling hills to be climbed with a wonderful vista of the much greater hills in the distance as a reward at the top. One of the fields housed black lambs with white feet and foreheads. Another was full of young cattle which lined up on the other side of the bridge that provided access. We were bracing ourselves to walk boldly through (considering that we also had a blind border collie to get over the bridge, then a stile and past them) when they suddenly turned as one and galloped to a far side of the field. We are obviously far more formidable than we thought!

The final part of the walk took us over the canal at the Bank Newton locks and then along a lane past Newton Grange Farm and on to East Marton thus cutting out a couple of miles of canal meanderings if we had followed the towpath. Where we are moored the towpath becomes part of the Pennine Way for a half mile or so and there have been some big groups of walkers striding past us.

Despite the dark clouds the rain was only intermittent and we were only damp, not drenched when we arrived back at the boats in time for lunch. We plan to investigate the Cross Keys pub for a pre home cooked pizza dinner this evening. All in the name of research of course!

Ham Footnote:-

My Royal wedding call sign is now no longer valid. I worked 17 countries on 3 bands, these countries included the states but the best was Albania and Svalbard both achieved with a large amount of high power European competition. This was not too bad considering I was only running 2.5 watts into a very inefficient aerial.

St Peters

View on our walk

Ingthorpe Grange

East Marton moorings

Statistics so far:-

2572.91 Miles, 1510 Locks, 137 Swing Bridges, 90 Lift Bridges, 45 Tunnels


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