A weekend at Barrowford Locks

It’s been so good to stay put for, shock horror, three whole nights! Especially when we have lovely views and manic lambs to watch in the field across the canal. They have been having running and jumping competitions this afternoon.

On Saturday we hit the shops in the form of Boundary Mill shopping centre. It was a day of squally showers so the walk of 30 minutes or so each way was plenty, and it didn’t seem a shame to be inside. We both managed to get shoes though I couldn’t find replacements for my trusty old Timberlands that finally had to be consigned to the dustbin. I was removing them to find my right foot black with dust. Couldn’t find a hole either! Alan bought two pairs to my one and two pairs of trousers while I managed just a cheap pair of M & S pjs. Then it was back for an evening of telly and general laziness.

Today also promised to be showery but in fact it has been a lovely day, sometimes threatening rain but always pulling back with a “Fooled you”. It was windy but even that has mostly dropped. We set out with Robert and Liz from NB Blue Point to walk up to the mouth of Foulridge Tunnel, and along the side of the reservoir where a dinghy sailing race was taking place. Those boats were really racing along in the strong wind. Then we struck out through Foulridge to the Wharf where we couldn’t resist lunch in the café. Liz and I had most delicious welsh rarebit with poached egg and bacon on top and tomato relish on the side.

Crossing over the canal we climbed the hill to get the most wonderful views, and passed through a farmyard with two traditional gypsy caravans, one of which we had seen last week out on the road. Then we continued in a circular route past some very covetable houses (two with tennis courts) and gardens and down a long stony lane that would have very quickly turned into a stream if there was heavy rain. Our route took us back past what I think from memory was Long Slipper reservoir which was at least a couple of metres below what it should be, by the looks of it. Finally we came back past the tunnel again. One of those glorious walks that live in your mind forever.

Those low levels in the reservoirs really do matter: BW have just announced the first restrictions on the opening hours and water provision for the Leeds and Liverpool. So we carry on not knowing if we will be able to travel along the Rochdale or even if we will be able to return via the Leeds and Liverpool. Hopefully the fact that we are early in the season will mean that we are OK because we really don’t want to be forced to go down the Trent which we really don’t find of great interest.

Back Streets of Foulridge

Looking towards Kelbrook Moor

Linear mooring approaching Foulridge Tunnel

A pleasant rural setting

Statistics so far:-

2564.67 Miles, 1507 Locks, 137 Swing Bridges, 90 Lift Bridges, 44 Tunnels


One Response to A weekend at Barrowford Locks

  1. Great blog, i have seen you moored around Skipton quite a few times. I live close to 5 rise in Bingley, and have many boaty photos. Keep up the good work, and maybe next time i see you on the L & L i will say hi.

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