We had hoped to fill up with water before we left Worsley this morning. The tap is in the public toilets and it’s always been rather off putting. Today we discovered that the toilets had been vandalised and were in a disgusting state and we really didn’t feel like getting our water from there. It was a bright day so we set off taking turns to walk.

The next water point was at Butts Bridge on the outskirts of Leigh. When we got there we found that the barge that was collecting rubbish from the canal (and had been moored in front of us last night) was in front of the waterpoint while the two men had their lunch. We decided not to interrupt them and to go on to the watering point at the Plank Lane Lift Bridge. We did moor at Leigh Town Centre however and Alan stayed on the boat while I went off for the shopping. It took longer than I had planned because I popped into several different shops and the market rather than just going to Aldi. There was a multitude of bakers and I bought some lovely scones and a ginger cake from one. A pork butcher provided pork steaks and some ham on the bone. I asked for sirloin steak and was told what I should have realised, they only sold pork. I headed for the market because I needed some buttons and thought there might be a haberdashers. It was a very well stocked and bustling market with several butchers, sliced meat, hot chicken or fish stalls, three greengrocers and a multitude of other stalls including one that sold knitting wool and buttons.

I headed on to Lidl only to find that it was empty and in the middle of a construction site of new cinema, restaurants and supermarket so it was back to where I started at Aldi, and then back to the boat for a very late lunch.

As we approached Plank Lane Bridge the BW bridge man came along to open for us but stayed for a quick chat when I said we would take on water first. Since we were last there in July a new marina has been created next to the bridge, though as it is still lacking jetties and facilities I thought, or indeed hoped, it might be destined to be a water sports centre. There seem to be so many new marinas and many seem to be having difficulty filling the spaces.

It was 5.30 as we went past the flashes before Wigan. We went on past the mooring we used last year (my fault, I was sure it was further on) and ended up having to go through the two very heavy, slow and anti-vandal locked Poolstock Locks into Wigan, not knowing where we would stay the night. It was nearly 7.00 before we moored at the moorings above the Wigan Lock, with the security of two other boats. Now we are debating whether to go up the Wigan Flight tomorrow or to go to Burscough for a couple of nights. We might decide in the morning is another boat heads towards the flight!

Fly Boat

Waterside Inn Leigh

Today we did 13.20 Miles 2 Locks and 1 Lift Bridge

Statistics so far:-

2467.85 Miles, 1461 Locks, 128 Swing Bridges, 90 Lift Bridges, 43 Tunnels


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