Stockton Heath

As we have travelled along the northern part of the Trent and Mersey and onto the Bridgewater canal we have passed linear moorings, often belonging to boat clubs, with big signs: SLOW DOWN, DEAD SLOW, MOORED BOATS. Why is it then that when these people leave their moorings they forget that other people should have the same consideration? We have even had boats pass us at speeds that threaten to rip us from our moorings and crash us against the side that we have seen previously in those moorings ordering everyone else to slow down. We left last night’s mooring by 8.00 this morning because we could no longer stand the stress of having to check our pins and bash them back in again most times a boat went past. We are now at Stockton Heath and the ground is firmer but the speeds are even faster! And the boaters are invariably middle aged to elderly men throwing out a merry greeting as they speed by, totally blasé to the fact that they are leaving boats crashing and banging in their wake.

At least we have what will hopefully be a good meal this evening to look forward to. We last went to Piccolino in Stockton Heath for Alan’s birthday last year and loved the food. It is probably ill fated to go back to the same place but we are giving it a try.

We spent a couple of hours this afternoon walking down to Walton Gardens. As one would imagine on a sunny bank holiday they were packed with Warrington folk enjoying the well kept facilities. The rhododendrons and azaleas had started to flower, some bushes in full bloom and some with flowers just starting to open. The colours were fantastic, as were the beds of tulips. We plan to return on our way back down in late June.

Late evening sun

Rape seed

Walton Hall

Today we did 8.70 Miles 1 Lock and 1 Tunnel

Statistics so far:-

2434.26 Miles, 1459 Locks, 128 Swing Bridges, 89 Lift Bridges, 43 Tunnels


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