Norton Green

We had spent the morning pottering round Leek so didn’t head off until 1.00. NB Ray of Light (our co-sufferers in the tail gating the previous day) had also come along to Leek and we set off with them, arranging to meet up at Norton Green.

We made good time to Hazlehurst Junction and when we reached the five Stockton Brook Locks we made very good time through because Alan, who was working the locks, was running backwards and forwards getting the next lock ready and starting the fill of each lock for Ray of Light.

We moored above Engine Lock, where there were good views in both directions particularly over a nature reserve on the land below the canal, and, after quick showers set off to Norton Green to the Foaming Quart with Tim and Christina. It turned out that the pub had re-opened that very afternoon after five weeks of refurbishments. It had a lovely clean and fresh look which complemented the well shaped lounge bar room and interesting windows, but it had been maintained as a traditional style pub. Thank goodness they hadn’t spoilt it by going along the much over trodden route of brown leather sofas and pale green walls. There was a good Friday night crowd.

A quick meal on each boat was followed by a couple of hours of good chat on Ray of Light, a very pleasant evening.

Today we did 6.55 Miles, 5 Locks, 2 Lift Bridge and 1 Tunnel

Statistics so far:-
2387.75 Miles, 1419 Locks, 128 Swing Bridges, 88 Lift Bridges, 42 Tunnels


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