Into Leek

The Leek Arm is a very pretty little canal, with some pretty houses and gardens above the canal and views over woods and valley on the other side. There’s a tall and ornate tower which was apparently part of a mental hospital. We were absolutely exhausted by the time we went through Leek tunnel and reached the end of the canal. We had to turn and then reverse back to a mooring. It was extremely shallow but we managed to get the front in to the bank. After such a long day we were shattered and couldn’t be bothered cooking but really fancied a curry, so we decided to head off into town.

The start of the walk is very pretty along to the absolute end of the canal where it turns into a stream that goes off into a nature reserve. A footpath led to a scrapyard and a long walk through an industrial estate, full of huge factories and lorries parking up for the night. Then there was a turn past a large Morrisons and a slog up the hill into town. We made very hard work of it indeed and it seemed such a long way. It was much easier on our way back down and when we did the walk the next day on fresher legs it seemed fine.

We managed to find the Bolaka Spice Restaurant as listed in Pearsons and it was a great restaurant. An attractive décor and excellent food. We came away with that good feeling that you get when you have really enjoyed eating out and the cost is reasonable.

I wouldn’t want to put anyone off going into Leek centre because it is well worth the effort. It’s an attractive town with substantial red brick buildings with some wonderful embellishments and a cobbled town square. Lovely shops, lots of pricy gift and homewares stores which are always good to look at. Some excellent food stores and even the many charity shops look smart. It’s the sort of place where it would be a pleasure to do your weekly shop. Staffordshire people are so friendly as well. All in all we really enjoyed our visit.

Roebuck Hotel

The Talbot

St Edward the Confessor

Getlife’s Yard

Statistics so far:-

2381.20 Miles, 1414 Locks, 128 Swing Bridges, 86 Lift Bridges, 41 Tunnels


One Response to Into Leek

  1. Simon says:

    Hi – I agree, Leek town is a bit of a hike, but well worth it – I arrived to find the Saturday market, some nice pubs (the Wilkes Arms, I think, real ale pub at the top of the hill) & live music, and even a car boot sale the following morning… 😉 Nice chunk of canal, too. Enjoy it!

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