Bridge 89 – T and M

I have taken a great liking to the Trent and Mersey, the stretch from Fradley Junction to where we are currently moored just short of Aston lock. It might have something to do with the wonderful sunshine but more because of the lovely views over farmland and the River Trent, occasional woodlands, grand houses and very appealing farm animals: lots of rare breeds.

Yesterday we had noticed that most of the boats were travelling south, today as is the law of boating they were mostly going in our direction. We had some lengthy waits at locks, particularly at Weston Lock where we were behind the slowest boaters in the world waiting for the second slowest boaters to descend. And I mean slowest in every respect! At Sandon Lock the boat in front of us went right up to the lock gates only to have them open to reveal a boat about to exit. The boater outside starting furiously waving the boat in the lock out but there was nowhere for them to go. At last the necessary manoeuvring was achieved and we all moved on. Sunday drivers!

Yesterday at the end of our long walk at Great Haywood we passed NB Innisfree, the boat belonging to Ted who had a winter mooring next to us at Nantwich last year. He has written a book about his experiences in the navy in WW II and Alan bought a copy for his father who was also in the navy. They both very much enjoyed it. We were so starving after our walk we thought that we would stop and say hello on our way past this morning but as we ascended Haywood Lock Ted was waiting to come in. There was a queue behind us so we couldn’t do more than say hello. We pulled in to the waterpoint and Alan ran back but Ted was already on his way. He is a one of the more senior boaters and a lovely man.

We had hoped to reach Stone this afternoon but the beauty of the countryside so seduced us that we have moored near Aston-by-Stone to enjoy the evening.

Haywood Junction

Trent and Mersey

Linear mooring


Today we did 8.32 Miles and 4 Locks

Statistics so far:-

2343.79 Miles, 1376 Locks, 128 Swing Bridges, 82 Lift Bridges, 40 Tunnels


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