A walk to Milford

It was a wonderful day for a walk and Alan mapped out a route for us. By the time I spent some time on my never ending paint touching up routine it was 11.30 when we left, too soon for lunch but a bit too late to leave.

We started off by walking over the pretty little Essex packhorse bridge. The many passing triangles on each side were very handy when Alan stopped to take photos and there was a steady stream of people crossing. We then walked past Shugborough Hall, a National Trust property, and stopped at the craft workshops where we spent some time watching a wood turning demonstration. On the other side of the road was the fantastical Tower of the Winds. We planned to go on to the edge of Milford and then to the Staffs & Worcs Canal to walk back up to Great Haywood Junction. The A513 is a busy road and we were able to avoid walking on the road verge by following paths through the woods. After some time we decided that we were going back towards Shugborough Hall so reversed our steps and went off in a fairly large circle on a very small, maybe non existent, track on the edge of a very steep drop, until we returned to the same place. As Alan’s nose for directions was obviously performing under par today we took that possibly wrong route to emerge just where we should at the outskirts of Milford. After crossing the River Sow we finally got to the canal and set off at a fast pace towards the Junction as it was now nearly 2.00 and we were starving.

We had wanted to see the Tixall Wide and weren’t disappointed as it looked wonderful under the cloudless blue sky. What we hadn’t expected was the view of the fantastically quirky Tixall gatehouse on the slope beyond. Then it was on to the Junction and back to the boat as fast as we could manage, ruing our choice to moor so far along!

Essex Bridge over the River Trent

Essex Bridge

Great Haywood through the Railway Bridge

Shugborough Hall

Tower of the Winds

Tixall Gatehouse

Tixall Wide

Statistics so far:-

2335.47 Miles, 1372 Locks, 128 Swing Bridges, 82 Lift Bridges, 40 Tunnels


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