Sunny Alrewas

We had four days at home from Friday to Monday. Managed a good bit of gardening and Alan took down his multi band HF aerial in the garden (he’s a radio amateur but obviously it hasn’t been used of late). Of course a great deal of the time was spent enjoying grandparent duties and it was lovely to be home for Mother’s Day for once.

Unfortunately since our return Alan has been feeling very poorly and spent all day Tuesday lying down and eating nothing. (We had a Chinese takeaway on Monday evening and suspect that the prawns in batter may have been responsible. I didn’t eat the batter. I wasn’t ill but was feeling a little poorly.) Today he is still feeling very under the weather but managed to do the engine service. Meanwhile I washed and polished one side of the boat (the other was done last week), tackled some rust patches preparatory to painting and dropped a screwdriver in the drink. (I was using it to scrape off little spots of rust). We tried to find it with the sea magnet to no avail.

It was a beautiful day and the invalid revealed his legs in shorts for the first time this year. The bowlers at the club next to our mooring were enjoying the sunshine. There was very busy traffic on the canal this morning with a steady stream of boats passing. I managed to get Alan out for a lovely but rather short walk by the river. Bring on the summer!

Moorings at Alrewas


Statistics so far:-

2321.29 Miles, 1363 Locks, 128 Swing Bridges, 82 Lift Bridges, 39 Tunnels


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