The promised rain arrived overnight and today has been a grey and drizzly day, quite a bit colder than of late. We moved a very small distance, less than a mile, to the moorings at Willington, thinking that we would move on later in the day. No-one likes to travel in rain unless they have to, and we didn’t have to so we have stayed put.

It really was too much to stay cooped up indoors all day so we walked back and over the footbridge to Mercia Marina. It can’t be seen from the canal as there is a fairly long approach canal which passes under a road. It’s a vast place with a huge number of moorings, a shop, restaurant, boat hire and boat sales, as well as a large Midland Chandlers and the normal boat servicing facilities. The boat hire company, Shakespeare Classic Line, seems to be doing a roaring trade as we have seen many of their boats passing during the day.

The downside of not moving along is that we are still very close to the extremely busy train tracks. Most of the traffic appears to be freight trains. It’s a very good thing to see freight going by rail not on the roads but they are very noisy and seem to travel through the night.

Today we did 0.91 Miles

Statistics so far:-

2309.02 Miles, 1357 Locks, 128 Swing Bridges, 82 Lift Bridges, 39 Tunnels


One Response to Willington

  1. railforherefordshire says:

    Moored next to a railway line? Some of us would die for that! 🙂

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