Findern is a very tiny hamlet, it seems. We decided to moor here, just short of Willington because once again we were caught behind the very slow boat hirers. We had passed them earlier in the day, just after Swarkestone Lock, having repairs made to the boat. Unfortunately they passed us while we were having lunch above Stenson Lock. It’s now raining very heavily and become rather cold so it’s good to be moored. This rain wasn’t supposed to arrive until tomorrow.

We travelled for a couple of hours only today. Until Stenson Lock the countryside is green and quite pretty but now we are sandwiched between roads and the railway line and we know that there is nothing of great interest until Burton.

You may have gathered already that this has been a day of little excitement! The highlight was sharing Stenson Lock with a BW dredger that was being moved to the Coventry Canal. We had seen it being manoeuvred above Swarkestone Lock as we approached the lock ourselves. It was well away when we left the lock and we didn’t see it again until we arrived at Stenson Lock. Stenson is a deep lock, over 12 ft, so it was very welcome to be held snug by the barge as we ascended.

Coming through Stenson Lock

Today we did 6.45 Miles and 2 Locks

Statistics so far:-

2308.11 Miles, 1357 Locks, 128 Swing Bridges, 82 Lift Bridges, 39 Tunnels


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