It’s always a strange day when the clocks go forward. Alan has suggested that we should just ignore it, at least until the next time we have to take a train or some other occasion when time matters. Like tonight, I said, when we want to watch Waking the Dead at 9.00, which was 8.00 yesterday.

It was a river day today, on the stretch from Loughborough up to Kegworth. It is wonderful to steer on the river and the Soar has views, unlike the Severn or the Trent. We drifted past Normanton, and Zouch, and then moored on the approach to Kegworth: unfortunately also under the approach to East Midlands Airport. Luckily it’s not the busiest of the UK airports but it is quite alarming as a plane passes just over our heads.

Because we had somewhat misjudged our proximity to Kegworth Lock, and then it’s a good stride on to the bridge we had a fairly long walk into Kegworth village. We managed to get to the Cap and Stocking pub which Mr Pearson says is one of his favourites on the waterways system. It was pleasantly busy in the late afternoon: one of those pleasant pubs with several small rooms and no slippery brown leather sofas. They also sell Bass from the jug which we very much enjoyed. It would be high up on the list of our favourites but nothing beats the One Eyed Rat in Ripon which would entice us to move there.

It’s worth also mentioning the Albion Innat Loughborough, which we popped into last night. It’s a very idiosyncratic little pub on the canal, a semi-detached half of a building, very quiet in that there are no machines or TVs, good beer, massive meals and the landlord knew all the clientele (except us of course) by name.

Today we did 5.74 Miles and 3 Locks

Statistics so far:-

2291.13 Miles, 1345 Locks, 128 Swing Bridges, 82 Lift Bridges, 39 Tunnels


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