It was an early start for us because we were breasted up to the diesel boat and he wanted to start off just before 9.00. So we were away at 8.15, through the Mountsorrel Lock. It was a very misty morning and, as predicted, much cooler today. I had a lovely long walk through the river meadows to the Barrow Deep Lock. As expected the traffic light on the house next to the lock was green, to say that it was safe to go onto the river. The deep Lock is 9ft 7ins so not really very deep, say compared with the Denham or Bath deep locks. We passed a boat moored just before the lock and the boater was out at the stern doing a bit of a tidy. He certainly saw me passing with the windlass and Alan followed just after. We were surprised when the boat pulled up to the lock just as we were about to exit. I know that our paint needs a touch up in the near future but I didn’t think we looked that disreputable! I would have expected them to ask us if we would wait.

Pillings Lock was chained open for the summer months. It will only be closed if the river rises. Then we were into a traditional canal section into Loughborough while the river went off in a big swoop around the town. We had been recommended to moor just before the sharp turn under the Chain Bridge so that is what we did.

It is market day in Loughborough and the market is one of the largest I have seen for a long time. We had a wander round, and some lunch and stocked up with provisions for the next few days. We might even have to put the fire on this evening: what a change!

Today we did 6.72 Miles and 3 Locks

Statistics so far:-

2285.39 Miles, 1342 Locks, 128 Swing Bridges, 82 Lift Bridges, 39 Tunnels


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