Near Welford Junction

It’s a sunny weekend and all the boats are out – we have seen more today than we have seen for the past four months or so. As a consequence we decided to leave the Welford Arm, where we were in an attractive but somewhat shady place, to find a sunny mooring on the main line. The waterway was also rather narrow and that meant that we were shaken around every time a boat went past no matter how slowly, and as we know most are not going slowly. Alan had a yearning to be “in the country”.

We started the day with a walk into Welford to get the Saturday Guardian. It’s a pleasant village with some lovely houses and a quiet main street with little traffic. We got the impression of a village with a real community spirit, and as we walked from the canal we went through a pretty little park set up and run by the community. We returned to the boat to have a nice long chat with Al and Del from NB Derwent 6, and to wish them a happy 28th wedding anniversary. There was a winding hole two boats ahead of us opposite the marina so off we went, only to meet two other boats, one reversing, and a third moored across the marina entrance while taking on water. Some tricky manoeuvring followed while one boat went past, we winded and the reversing boat hovered with a lot of bow thruster deployment. Luckily despite the canal being narrow the winding hole was magnificently spacious. Then we queued for the lock, pottered down the arm and turned towards Foxton, finding a mooring in the sun just past the first bridge.

We dallied with the idea of giving the boat a much needed wash but instead opted to have a walk up to North Kilworth Village, going first along the canal and then up the hill on the very busy A4304. When we turned off into the village proper it was a completely different world, with narrow streets, attractive houses and no cars at all. We walked through the churchyard and followed a bridleway that eventually took us back to the canal, then along the canal past Welford Junction to the boat. So much pleasanter on the return journey away from the road, especially as it was on a mud free path.

Today we did 1.72 Miles 1 Locks

Statistics so far:-

2233.48 Miles, 1298 Locks, 122 Swing Bridges, 82 Lift Bridges, 38 Tunnels


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