We started off the day’s journey with a short hop to Yelvertoft where we moored up and walked into the village. It’s a very peaceful place with a small but picturesque manor and red brick buildings. We had decided to try out Elliots Butchers. It was a lovely little shop with a speciality of Gloucester Old Spot pork, West Haddon beef and their own sausages. I could see rows of small pies laid out ready for baking in the back room and they also cooked their ham on the premises. We bought a selection of meat sufficient for six meals for £15, which we thought pretty good.

After an early lunch Alan prepared the lamb that we had bought for a lamb, carrot and pearl barley casserole and put it to cook in the Dream Pot as we travelled along. Suddenly we realised that we had a four hour journey if we were to reach Welford tonight and it was nearly 2.00 so we set off briskly.

It was a perfect afternoon for travelling with a very blue sky and sunshine, so much so that we both have red faces this evening. Probably a bit of wind burn but I will have to start putting sun cream on from now on. The countryside was incredibly rural and we passed numerous mooring places that would have been very pleasant. There were several boats moving along and one following not far behind us that made us feel rather pressurised. We found the going very shallow in places and twice when boats passed us the move to the right of centre of the canal forced us over on a lean, so we couldn’t go much faster and if we did there was an immediate bow wave.

We turned into the Welford Arm at 5.00 and it didn’t take long to reach the 3ft lock before the canal terminus. By that time the light and reflections were fabulous, we should travel later in the day more often. We moored up behind the last boat at the 14 day moorings which happened to be a sparkling NB Derwent 6, just out of the blacking shed. We felt a bit like the scruffy relations! Anyway Del & Al jumped out to say hello and it was great to see them again. Well, must away to the pub, its Friday night and after six abstemious nights of not drinking except at the weekend we deserve a pint!

Today we did 12.07 Miles 1 Locks

Statistics so far:-

2231.76 Miles, 1297 Locks, 122 Swing Bridges, 82 Lift Bridges, 38 Tunnels


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