We started the day with another chat (and pat) with Sue and Vic and doggies from NB No Problems. They were waiting for a Tesco delivery, very easily organised by them because they have the Norton Junction address already in the system, along with many other addresses on the canal network. There was a small road alongside the canal where we were moored so the Tesco delivery van could come right alongside. Sue has a very good step by step How To guide for Tesco deliveries to boats on her blog. I followed it faithfully when I registered and found it worked perfectly. Just as we cast off the van arrived in good time as promised. We are hoping that we will be meeting up with Sue and Vic again on the Thames or the Oxford towards the end of the summer and will look forward to it.

It’s the season for meeting with bloggers because as we passed Weltonfields Marina we spotted NB Go For It, a recent addition to the blogging fraternity. Tomorrow we are hoping to meet up with NB Derwent 6 at Welford where they are blacking.

It was a very cold and damp morning, the sort of cold that eats into the bones and when we reached the foot of the Watford Locks to join the queue for the ascent I had to dig out a second pair of thick socks as my feet were freezing. We went up the first lock and had another 15 minute wait before we could enter the second lock and then the staircase of four. From then on things went quickly and the lock keeper has everything running with top efficiency. The sun came out as well and it made such a difference.

After the locks it was my turn to walk and the sunshine and views were so cheering that I waved Alan down at a convenient mooring place before the tunnel and we stopped for lunch. The last time we went through the Crick tunnel it was on our very first day on Lazydays and the first event after leaving ABNB at Crick. On that day the tunnel seemed to last for ever and we met four boats as we went nervously through. Today it seemed short, we can even see the other end looking back through the tunnel from our mooring back opposite ABNB, and we met no other boats. It’s exactly six years since that first day and it could be a lifetime ago.

Watford Staircase

Inside the Lock

Coming out of Crick Tunnel

St Margret of Antioch - Crick

Interesting Roof - Crick

Today we did 4.94 Miles 7 Locks and 1 Tunnel

Statistics so far:-

2219.69 Miles, 1296 Locks, 122 Swing Bridges, 82 Lift Bridges, 38 Tunnels


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