It wasn’t a long journey today, just through the Buckby Locks. We waited until 10.00 in the hope that another boat would come along to travel through with us. It was another grey and misty day and I guess no one else felt like moving early, though there has been quite busy traffic this afternoon. Finally we set off on our own and it was a fairly easy trip with most of the locks in our favour, even if some had partially refilled, and we crossed over with two pairs of boats going down.

Sometimes it is hard to find a mooring above the locks at Buckby Wharf and we often moor in the pound below the seventh lock. It’s a prettier place in any event. Today that pound seemed on the low side so I checked that there was space for us at the top and we went on up. We were ready for lunch and a post-prandial nap! And post the post-prandial nap we didn’t really feel inclined to go any further today. It was already 2.30 and it would take us another three hours to reach Crick. We didn’t want a repeat of our first night ever on Lazydays when we reached the Watford Locks as they closed and had to spend the night next to the M1 flyover! We were also on the lookout for Sue and Vic on NB No Problem who were heading this way from Braunston. A fine reason to stay where we were!

No Problem came along a little later and moored behind us. We jumped out to have a chat and a catch up on doings since we last saw them at Market Drayton back in 2009. The time seems to have sped by since then and it was great to see them again.

Coming up the Buckby flight

Moored up next to No Problem

Today we did 1.49 Miles and 7 Locks

Statistics so far:-

2214.75 Miles, 1289 Locks, 122 Swing Bridges, 82 Lift Bridges, 37 Tunnels


One Response to Buckby

  1. hi i did see you go pass shame it did not click who you were , we were having a few things done by our boat builder after been away for four weeks ( first service) hope to see you soon
    colin and tina
    nb go for it

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