Whilton Marine

It was very misty this morning and the sun broke through only intermittently through the day. Of course it didn’t make any difference for the first part of our day’s travel which was through the Blisworth Tunnel. We didn’t meet any other boats in the tunnel and there has been far less traffic today, though we did pass NB Balmaha heading south. Sod’s law dictated that they passed in a place where it was impossible to stop and have a chat. Maybe next time!

The Grand Union isn’t the most entrancing of routes, especially as we have done it so often, so we just ploughed on today taking turns to walk and eating lunch as we moved along. After six hours we moored at the bottom of Buckby Locks opposite Whilton Marina to wait for the man from Wilsons of Kinver who was coming back to repair Alan’s chair. While we waited we watched a maintenance boat being craned out of the water, and changed a gas canister at the chandlery. We have had problems with gas leaking from the last two canisters used on the left side of the locker and wonder if we might have to replace the connector. Alan turned on the new canister but couldn’t smell gas so we haven’t bought a replacement as yet and will keep an eye (or more accurately a nose) on it. They may coincidentally have been rogue canisters.

Alan’s chair has been repaired and he is now sitting comfortably again. Despite us being moored between the M1 and the train line the noise isn’t overwhelming and we should manage to tolerate it for one night.

A misty start

Interesting Bridge

Who is steering our boat? I did catch it before it left the bank.

Lazy Days passing from whence it came - Stow Hill

Living on the Line

Today we did 14.27 Miles and 1 Tunnel

Statistics so far:-

2213.26 Miles, 1282 Locks, 122 Swing Bridges, 82 Lift Bridges, 37 Tunnels


3 Responses to Whilton Marine

  1. Halfie says:

    Have you spotted the face in the reflection under Bridge 43? I can see an eye, nose and lips.

  2. Sue says:

    Now that is scarey!

    Will we meet Lazydays in the tunnel tomorrow?

  3. nblazydays says:

    Halfie that is all I can see in the image now that you have pointed it out.

    Sue we are going up the Leicester arm but we might see you on the Buckby flight.

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