It was a beautifully sunny day for cruising; what a difference it makes! I walked along to Tesco to get our essential Saturday Guardian and passed NB French Folly (moored in Berkhamsted while we were there) heading towards Leighton Lock. By the time I had bought the paper and returned the single handed boater (Alan and he introduced themselves but Alan unfortunately can’t remember his name) was exiting the lock so I asked if he wanted company through the locks as far as Fenny Stratford.

He was another very nice chap, and once again a very experienced and efficient solo boater, so we made good time. One thing we noticed was that he not only didn’t speed in general, looking as if he was enjoying the sunshine and scenery, he was also very considerate in passing moored boats at tickover.

When we entered the bottom of the Soulbury three locks we discovered several large logs and a toilet cassette floating in the lock, looking very like logs and cassette last seen on the roof of NB Betty that we travelled with yesterday. A mystery: was there a crash into the lock gate or vandalism? We managed to get a couple of the smaller logs out but the others were too heavy and the cassette slithered away. It was obviously a lock where things accumulated; there was also a fender and a small dead animal.

When we met the crew of NB Weston Lady last weekend they told us about Woughton Green and suggested we moor at Peartree Bridge so we did just that. The moorings aren’t the most attractive but it’s a pleasant walk across the Green to the Olde Swan pub and Alan had two pints of London Pride that were so good he was in heaven. It seems that Woughton Green and the other well preserved area, Great Linford, were in existence when the canal was first built. Nowadays it takes around five hours from one side of Milton Keynes to the other but it’s not an unpleasant journey because of the number of parks, woods and other open spaces. I’m not sure that I would want to live in one of the big modern estates but I can understand why so many people say that they have an excellent quality of life here.

Note from the photographer: I am cooking the evening meal and haven’t even downloaded the images and honestly after two pints and a glass of wine I have no intention of getting the camera out for any downloads.

Today we did 9.16 Miles 5 Locks 1 Swing Bridge

Statistics so far:-

2183.29 Miles, 1274 Locks, 122 Swing Bridges, 82 Lift Bridges, 36 Tunnels


One Response to Woughton

  1. pete jones,nb tortola says:

    interesting reading!!! we are relatively new to narrowboats (2 years) and only cruise for ‘fun’ at the moment. Nice to see positive comments about MK (where we live) as many boaters just plod thro’ as quick as they can! There is so much to see in MK, and it has got a history for such a ‘new town’. our boat is moored offside at The Red Lion, Fenny Lock – and if you are into ‘real-ale’ then next time passing pop in! It has just won the MK CAMRA pub of the year award 2010!!! Happy crusing!

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