Waiting for Wilsons

Today was supposed to be G Day (go day) but we had a call from Wilsons of Kinver late yesterday to say they would come around lunchtime to look at Alan’s chair, which is broken. We bought two of their Commodore leather seats in June 2009, after taking out our uncomfortable built in seating unit. They are expensive seats and taking into account our various absences from the boat have probably been used for less than 18 months. We were told that the chap would arrive at midday and thought that we might be able to travel along in the afternoon. We had been waiting for several days for someone to be in the area and Alan was very worried about causing more damage by using the chair.

Around 11.00 we were called to be told that we would be the last call of the day; there had been a breakdown in communications in their office it seemed. I said that we had been told midday and that we wanted to move along so the schedule was rearranged and the man from Wilsons arrived around 1.30. It seems that a bolt has sheared off and will have to be replaced so he will have to come back with the replacement part as nothing is carried in the van. We will rendezvous near Crick on Tuesday (or wherever we have got to by then).

In any event by the time he had left a gale was blowing and we decided that it would be wiser to defer leaving until tomorrow morning. The forecast is that the wind will drop considerably. If we had been told yesterday that our service call was the last of the day we would have set off this morning and got to Leighton Buzzard in plenty of time and before the wind strengthened.

We went off for a final walk along the Marsworth Locks to Bulbourne (how many times have we said that?) and admired the inland sea that Startops Reservoir had turned into as the wind created white top waves.

Lock cottage on the Marsworth Flight

Workshop at top of Marsworth Flight

Statistics so far:-

2165.10 Miles, 1257 Locks, 120 Swing Bridges, 82 Lift Bridges, 36 Tunnels


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