An afternoon at the Red Lion

How wonderful to have a sunny Sunday, and the first daffodils are in bloom here in Marsworth.

We are now sans bikes after taking the front wheels off each and fitting them into the back of the Fiesta to take home. There was just room for them with the back seat folded down and the front seats so far forward that Alan had to drive home with his knees around his ears.

Then it was back, via a heaving Tring Tesco supermarket, to the boat for a quick lunch before meeting up with Carole, Paul and Steven from NB Weston Lady. They have managed their first winter on the boat despite the Aylesbury Arm being frozen for two months and the pound being drained by the police in a search for a body (subsequently found in a nearby field). They will be starting their cruising later this month and Carole is setting up her blog.

We met at the Red Lion which was crowded though we arrived early enough to get a window seat. This might have been a mistake as Steven and Carole sitting facing the window had the sun straight in their eyes. It seemed churlish to complain of a phenomenon so rarely seen! The Weston lady crew had also been put off going to the Anglers Rest because of the cliquey clientele, just as we experienced when we were last here in November. Perhaps other people feel like that, hence the Red Lion doing a roaring trade? There were even boaters from as far as Cow Roast.


Tranquil Junction

Statistics so far:-

2165.10 Miles, 1257 Locks, 120 Swing Bridges, 82 Lift Bridges, 36 Tunnels


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