We have been very spasmodic as bloggers of late. We haven’t moved far and the start of the week as marked by wet weather and mud, and generally nothing to feel enthusiastic about on the boating front! We have also been meeting up with friends prior to our moving off north next week.

On Wednesday we reversed back to Cowroast Marina to pump out and get a new Calor gas. Luckily we did because the one we were using ran out the next day far sooner than we expected, as did the previous one on that side of the locker so we now suspect that we have a leak in the connection on one side which will have to be sorted out. Then Alan took the boat through the Tring cut to Bulbourne while I drove the car round to meet him. We were bringing Ralph to the boat for Wednesday night and Bulbourne was far more child friendly than the mud at Cowroast. Parking was a problem and we ended up asking for special dispensation to park in the Grand Junction car park. We went there for a drink one night and had a meal on Friday so thought it was fair enough. We were told he didn’t encourage it but it was OK for one night but we noticed that there were a lot of cars parked there each night anyway.

Thursday morning was spent finding muddy puddles and exploring “jungles” with Ralph and he was taken home in pyjamas at lunch time as his clothes were unwearable. His grandparents were exhausted. The reservoirs at Marsworth are a lovely place for a two year old.

Today we had a visit from Paul and Sue a couple of old friends and they came down the locks with us to a mooring opposite the Aylesbury Arm. Easy work with extra hands, and the sun was shining in while we ate lunch. The White Lion pub has recently closed down so there is lots of parking. Tomorrow we plan to take the bikes home and to travel light when we set off on Tuesday.

Today we did 1.00 Miles and 7 Locks

Statistics so far:-

2165.10 Miles, 1257 Locks, 120 Swing Bridges, 82 Lift Bridges, 36 Tunnels


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