Rain in Berkhamsted

It’s been a very wet and grey day: we had hoped to move on to Cowroast now that Bushes Lock is open taking family members along for the ride but this would have been a miserable business. We all went back home to Croxley Green for lunch instead. It looks as if one or two of the boats moored here have gone on despite the rain but the major traffic this morning was the movement down of two BW working boats laden with fencing and machinery. I guess they were heading to the Top Lock just past Old Mill where work starts on Monday.

We had a great surprise yesterday when I was hailed by someone asking if I was the Kiwi lady. It was Pete, a boater we had last met a couple of years ago at Stoke Bruerne when he had recently taken over his boat as a new build. Since then he has travelled extensive around the system and like us, is heading towards the Lancaster this season. He has met many of our fellow bloggers in his travels including spending some time with Barry on Northern Pride. Pete is great at keeping very full notes in his Nicholsons on good moorings and places to avoid and I got out our Pearson guide for the Leeds and Liverpool to copy over his suggestions. We had been thinking of leaving our bikes at home this year: we seem to use them rarely and walk rather than going through the kerfuffle of unlocking them. After talking to him we have decided that we will definitely ride them back home on the next sunny day.

A diesel boat was the first boat through the newly opened lock yesterday and it was greeted with great relief by everyone including us. It was very reliable; we had been told it would be here on the 18th and so it was!

Statistics so far:-

2158.63 Miles, 1243 Locks, 120 Swing Bridges, 82 Lift Bridges, 36 Tunnels


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