Fat Cats

Bankers… Footballers… Up to now the outrageous salaries paid to both of the aforementioned have made me furious and incredulous. I am in fact a former season ticket holder for a football club (Watford) so I am not against footballers in general, just the sheer madness of a small group being paid sums that are incomprehensible to the supporters scraping together enough to buy their entrance tickets. As for bankers, yes, I am against them in general!

We have now added a third category to our “the world has gone mad” sub species. It seems that seven British Waterways Executive Directors earned basic salaries in 2009/10 that are more than the Prime Minister receives for running the country, in some cases considerably more, and a further two were on a comparable salary. This is before the pension figures are added in but I am only comparing like with like because we all know that the Prime Minister will also receive an excellent pension. However when salary and pension are added in Robin Evans, (BW Chief Executive) for example had a package for 2009/10 of £566,354. The British Waterways total expenditure for the year was £192m, and revenue £187m. This shortfall could have been reduced considerably had the executive directors not received packages worth £3.5m. In any event the budget is a mere pin prick in comparison with UK budget of billions. Was nobody looking when this farcical situation came to pass?

We have a very dear friend who worked for British Waterways for eleven years, for a very low salary. When she gave us a resume of her work experience over those years I couldn’t equate the great list and level of responsibilities with the paucity of remuneration. Why did we need it? Because we had offered to look over her CV when she was made redundant. And now British Waterways are posting job specs for volunteers that any sane person would expect to be salaried positions.

You might be interested to look at Nev’s blog from NB Waterlily and his links to the Narrowboatworld forum. Its also easy to pick up the 2009/10 British Waterways Annual Report from the internet and the summary of the Director’s Remuneration is on pages 46/47.

Statistics so far:-

2147.21 Miles, 1216 Locks, 120 Swing Bridges, 82 Lift Bridges, 36 Tunnels


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