Where’s the recession in Rickmansworth?

On Saturday evening we met up with friends Pete and Wendy in Rickmansworth. When I telephoned to make a table reservation earlier in the week I couldn’t get a table at Zaza until 9.30 and we settled on Maurizios at 8.30, and it seemed we were lucky to get that. On our way into town we passed the Feathers which has morphed into a very pricey dining pub over the past couple of years. In the past we would have met there, but it was now full of tables of diners. Instead we were to meet at the Coach and Horses for a drink beforehand but as we walked up Church Street we had a call from Pete to say that the C and H was jam packed so we diverted to the Fox and Hounds. I had eaten at the Coach and Horses on Thursday and it was full then as well.

When we arrived at Maurizios it was heaving with people and the noise level was immense. The staff was running round madly and we had to dodge our way to a table, not a particularly big table for four people it must be said. We felt under some pressure to make our choices from the menu and it certainly wasn’t a good venue for meeting old friends and having a chat. I felt my voice going through the meal and it was very hard for all four of us to have a joint conversation. However the food, despite the rush and number of customers, was very good. I don’t think we could fault it.

As we went back past the Feathers we saw that it was so packed there was hardly space to force anyone else in. This is all such a contrast to so many other places we have visited over the past year and considering that this is the time in January when people are wondering whether they will last till payday, all the more remarkable.

This morning we had a visit from Valerie and Iain with their grandchildren: it was the first time the children had been on a narrowboat so they had a good look round before going off to the playground.

Statistics so far:-

2144.42 Miles, 1213 Locks, 120 Swing Bridges, 82 Lift Bridges, 36 Tunnels


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