The Bridge at Riley

We had to make a trip down to London today. Normally we would have walked to the tube station but that was too far for Alan so we drove and then found that there were no vacant parking spaces at the station car parks and we were getting late. I chucked Alan out at the station and found a cark park on the edge of town and hurtled back. The second shock was the price of the tickets, £11 for a day pass which is vastly more than it was before. Alan realized too late that he could have paid less with his railcard.

After our meeting we thought that we should make the most of being in town given the price of the tickets. We went into a branch of Tossers (I think it was) and had very good tossed salads for lunch, reasonably priced. Haven’t seen them before. Then we caught a bus down to Trafalgar Square and admired the fourth plinth and the view over London from the entrance to the National Gallery. It’s a dreadful thing to admit that we have never been into the Gallery (though I have spent a morning in the Portrait Gallery), at least we can’t remember it. So we are going to visit in bite sized chunks and started with two or three galleries today. Its very tiring walking and standing even for those without heel impairments and I have a tolerance of an hour max for the stuffy air in galleries and museums, then I start flagging. As we are lucky enough to have free entrance (for how long I wonder) it means that lots of short visits are possible.

We did visit the Bridget Riley exhibition and Alan was recalling that when he was playing with a recorder group at Morley College years ago, one of the lecturers told him that when she had told her husband that the college had a Bridget Riley he had, a day or two later, told her that he hadn’t managed to find the Bridge at Riley.

After the Gallery we went to the café in the crypt at St Martin in the Field but decided that we couldn’t justify pieces of cake at £3.40 each, though noted that there are several lunch time concerts each week. We pottered on to Leicester Square tube station and back to Rickmansworth. The foot seems to be holding out!

Statistics so far:-

2144.42 Miles, 1213 Locks, 120 Swing Bridges, 82 Lift Bridges, 36 Tunnels


2 Responses to The Bridge at Riley

  1. Adam says:

    The salad bar chain is called Tossed. Tossers would give a rather different impression…!

    • nblazydays says:

      Yes Adam I see your point. However a door to the backroom did say ‘no entry tossers only’ and that was maybe what was remembered.

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