Alan spent today with his feet up while I was having a very pleasant lunch with a friend. He says that he is back to where he was before he fell on Saturday. I went to a mobility shop and bought a pair of crutches. I had rung on Saturday to ask the cost and was told £21. Today the chap who was running round like a headless chicken though I was the only person in the shop said that he had a pair of crutches used just once and then returned, hence the slight marks, normally £54 but I could have them for £30. Oh, I said, I was quoted £21 when I called on Saturday. Can’t think why you were told that, he said, but in that case you can have them for £20. Alan hasn’t really tried them as yet but we have a fair distance along Baker Street to walk from the station tomorrow so they will be tried out.

There was a lot of rain overnight and the path and car park are a sea of muddy water so I dug out my wellies from the garage at home and have had a lovely time stomping around in puddles.

Statistics so far:-

2144.42 Miles, 1213 Locks, 120 Swing Bridges, 82 Lift Bridges, 36 Tunnels


2 Responses to Crutches

  1. Valerie says:

    Hello near neighbours again!
    Not time to read all, only to say thanks for your message and all is well over the road. Been very busy since returning – no time to notice any jet lag hardly. Have the kids this week-end and wonder if we could walk by and visit any time Saturday, or on Sunday morning. They would be thrilled and will expect you to be there every time they walk the canal in future, I expect! Commisserations to the wounded soldier. x

    • nblazydays says:

      Hi, Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning should be pretty reliable and it would be lovely to meet the little ones. I’ll text if I have any firmer plans nearer the time. Look forward to seeing you – saw Ursula yesterday and Lynne tomorrow. What a lovely week! Frances xx

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