The shortest of journeys

We had found that we couldn’t get TV reception where we were moored opposite Tesco, and also thought that it would be good to be moored near the path from the aquadrome carpark. (We have been gripped by Zen on Sunday evenings and wanted to watch the final in the series tonight.)

There were a couple of spaces right by the pathway so we moved along: Alan ruled out the first because it would have put the aerial into the trees. We couldn’t move into the space next to it because there were indicators that another boat had left for a short time and I did remember that it was only a one boat length when I did a recce the previous day. Alan checked by asking one of the other boaters from further along. Oh yes, he said, it’s a 70 footer, he’s been there for about three years. Now that’s very interesting, there may be some exaggeration but I doubt that two weeks would be stretched to three years and we are moored on the visitor moorings, most definitely not long term permit moorings.

Anyway, we moved on a couple of places, on a bit of a bend but there’s enough depth and we have a field opposite. We don’t like being opposite houses because we feel guilty about running our engine. The TV reception still isn’t brilliant but we will be able to watch Zen!

Today we did 0.35 Miles

Statistics so far:-

2144.42 Miles, 1213 Locks, 120 Swing Bridges, 82 Lift Bridges, 36 Tunnels


2 Responses to The shortest of journeys

  1. Sue says:

    Hi Frances,

    One of my blog readers is having a problem with viewing NP blog, trying to sort it out I noticed he came from your blog.

    Looking for the reasons why, I notice that you have my old url in your blog mates that we have met, and also the blogroll frequent updates must have the same url as NP is not in there.

    I wonder when you get time if you would kindly change the links to

    I don’t like Like Rise to Candleford nor Zen, so I have had a boring night on the box, although he has allowed me to watch Match of the Day to make up!

    Hoping to meet up with you this year

  2. nblazydays says:


    I have changed the link to the one you specified, but I had no problem with using the old link.

    We plan to do the Lancaster and Leeds and Liverpool this year.


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