A trip to Rickmansworth

A very pleasant evening was had last night as we went up to Bushey Heath to the Sonargaon Restaurant for an excellent curry with Joe and Mary, friends for over thirty years. Since the last time we met up we have all become grandparents so that was a real talking point – not about the grandchildren but about being grandparents, grumpy Grandads says Joe!

Looking at the canal now it is hard to believe how frozen it was a little over a week ago. It was definitely time to move down to Rickmansworth and Ships Captain Ralph had to try out his new life jacket and whistle. Second in command Maggie spent the morning sleeping or feeding but at least she had slept for long enough last night to allow her Mummy to come along today. Ralph was adamant at first that he wasn’t going to the back of the boat with his Dad and Grandad, but the information that a pirate was needed was enough to get him moving. It was very hard to get him into the dreaded lifejacket but once on he wouldn’t be parted from it, and ended up sitting on the roof (held firmly by his Daddy) blowing his whistle like mad and waving at everyone. He also did some very good helping with the lock gates, though he was very against the idea of going through gates at first. I guess everything that happens to a 2 1/3 year old is a very big deal! And No is a favourite word.

It was exceptionally windy and the chimney is rattling away this evening as the wind blows across the canal. We moored up opposite Tesco but will move along tomorrow because there is a space near the path leading into the car park. Alan had done rather too much walking yesterday and woke today with a very painful heel again. He swore that he would do no walking and then kept jumping off the boat at locks and doing everything he shouldn’t. Finally when mooring he managed a fall that finished his foot off entirely and he is now very much confined to quarters and I am going to buy some crutches on Monday. After all, as out S-i-L says, with such an accident prone person they are a good investment!

Today we did 2.44 Miles and 3 Locks

Statistics so far:-

2144.07 Miles, 1213 Locks, 120 Swing Bridges, 82 Lift Bridges, 36 Tunnels


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