Exploring Shropshire – Ludlow

On Saturday we moved on from Bridgnorth to Ludlow. Saturday morning Bridgnorth was dominated by the market which took over the car park next to the hotel (I had had to move the car and go off first thing in the morning to pay and display) and all the way along the High Street. It was a lovely day so we decided to take a long drive round via Much Wenlock and Church Stretton and what a glorious route it was. The section between Much Wenlock and Church Stretton was along a ridge between two swooping valleys, hard to concentrate on driving with so much to look at. Church Stretton itself is nestled in the midst of the great overhanging South Shropshire Hills, though we thought the surroundings more beautiful than the town itself.

As we arrived in Ludlow we lost all sense of direction and went through the centre of town and down through the Broadgate to the Hen and Chickens B & B in Old Street. Luckily Ludlow is compact and traffic not heavy even on a Saturday. Our room at the B & B was very comfortable and spacious, though they had boiler problems and we needed two electric fires on all the time. We set off for a walk up the hill to town, five minutes at the most. After a few yards we realized that it might as well have been miles as Alan just couldn’t manage it so he went back to rest his ankle while I explored. There were plenty of interesting shops and good food stores, and a Saturday market of more interest and sophistication than most.

We had a real treat planned for the weekend as we were there to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary and had a reservation at the Michelin starred La Becasse restaurant. It was less than ten minutes walk on a normal day but this time I drove Alan over there, then took the car back to base and walked to meet him. The meal was wonderful and there was a full retinue of waiting staff with lots of napkin whisking and announcements of the contents of each course, along with canapés, appetisers and pre deserts, all quite delicious. Expensive but a real treat for a special occasion. Alan managed to walk back to the Hen & Chickens though it took 30 minutes rather than the normal ten or less.

Ludlow Castle walls

Ludlow Castle

St Lawrence

Stained Glass windows

Stained Glass windows

Kings Street


Statistics so far:-

2141.63 Miles, 1210 Locks, 120 Swing Bridges, 82 Lift Bridges, 36 Tunnels


4 Responses to Exploring Shropshire – Ludlow

  1. Halfie says:

    Congratulations on your wedding anniversary. Alan, it must be so frustrating for you with your ankle as it is at the moment. Are the exercises not helping?

  2. nblazydays says:

    Thanks Halfie. Yes the exercises are helping I am now seeing an improvement again, this time I will take it easy on the walking/hobblying front. Hope that you are over your fall from the other night.


  3. carrie says:

    It looks gorgeous at Ludlow – either your camera is a magical one or Ludlow has a micro-climate all it’s own 🙂
    It’s a pity Alan’s foot is making life so difficult (aren’t you supposed to be resting it, along with very gentle exrcise?!) Maybe it would be worth asking to borrow crutches from your doctors surgery/local hospital for a couple of weeks?
    See you further along!

  4. nblazydays says:

    Carrie We had stunning sunshine on the day of those photographs with the days either side being wet and miserable, Yes the leg is still playing up and it has not helped with all the walking we have done but from now on I will try and take it easy until the heel is healed.


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